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Advantages of chemical fertilizer

[Nov 26, 2020]

1. Advantages of chemical fertilizer

From the point of view of nutrient cycle, the nutrients contained in all organic fertilizers are those already in the agricultural cycle. The main advantage of agricultural fertilizer is that it can increase the total amount of chemical fertilizer.

(1) High nutrient content

The nitrogen content of urea is 46%, that of ammonium nitrate is 34%, and that of ordinary superphosphate is 14% - 18%. However, pure horse manure contains only 0.4-0.5% nitrogen and 0.2-0.35% phosphorus. 1kg of ammonium sulfate is equivalent to 30-40kg of human manure, 1kg of ordinary superphosphate is equivalent to 60-80kg of existing fertilizer, 1kg of potassium sulfate is equivalent to 10kg of plant ash. Therefore, the use of chemical fertilizer per unit area is less, which is convenient for transportation and labor saving.

(2) Fast fertilizer effect

Chemical fertilizers are water-soluble or weakly acid soluble, and can be quickly absorbed and utilized by crops after being applied into the soil, and the fertilizer efficiency is fast and significant. For short growing crops, after applying ammonium sulfate and other nitrogen fertilizers, they will grow and flourish.

(3) Rich in raw materials, chemical fertilizers are produced with natural mineral resources as raw materials, such as oil, natural gas, coal, phosphate rock, etc. these raw materials are rich and can be exploited in large quantities.

(4) Due to the rich raw materials for the production of chemical fertilizer, it can be industrialized in large scale without seasonal restrictions, with large output and low cost.

(5) The transportation and labor are saved, and the fertilizer has high nutrient content and less consumption, so the cost and labor of transportation and application are relatively saved.

(6)薪酬ared with farmyard manure, chemical fertilizer is smaller in volume and stable in nutrients. It is easy to preserve, has a long storage period and is not easy to deteriorate.

(7) Multiple effectiveness

Some chemical fertilizers not only provide crop nutrients, but also improve stress resistance, disease and pest control. Lime nitrogen can be used as cotton defoliation agent to control schistosomiasis; liquid ammonia and ammonia water can kill mole cricket and other insect pests in the field.