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NPK Fertilizer
19-19-19 Fertilizer Benefits

19-19-19 Fertilizer Benefits

This is not only a water-soluble fertilizer, but also uses the balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

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Total Nitrogen:19%




Water insoluble matter:0.05%

TE content (ppm):B 250, Cu 75, Fe 600, Mn 350, Zn 150, Mo 50

1. Appearance: crystal powder

2. Salt free: Free of chloride, sodium and any other harmful plant-detrimental elements.

3.Compatibility with other products: It can be mixed with most nutrient solutions (except fertilizers containing calcium) and pesticides. Nevertheless a miscibility test before first application is recommended.

4.Product Features

a. Made of high quality ingredients and advanced production line and lab test to make product highly homogeneous and non-segregating .

b. Provide over 60% nutrient value in 1-1-1 ratio of NPK.

c. Suitable for plants general in a wide variety of growing situations and better in the vegetative growth stage and ripening stage for color changing.

d. Free of chloride, sodium and any other detrimental elements for plants.

e. No crystallization and no salt deposits in drippers and irrigation systems.

f. Come with a full scientific combination of micronutrients.




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