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Soluble Fertilizer

Soluble Fertilizer

1. Fully water soluble.
2. Comprised of 100% plant macro-nutrients.
3. Virtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plat.
4. Efficiently absorbed by plants.

Product Details
不断提高的管理技术virtue of your rule of 'sincerely, great faith and high-quality are the base of company development', we widely absorb the essence of similar merchandise internationally, and continuously build new merchandise to meet the demands of customers forNPK 20 10 10,NPK 15 5 20,NPK 15 5 27. Our company has always adhered to the concept of 'people-oriented, honest management', and has trained a large number of experienced and skilled personnel. Products have undergone strict inspection before leaving the factory to ensure reliable quality. We regard R&D and innovation as our core competitiveness and have established a first-class R&D and design team in the industry. Our company not only brings direct taxation, employment promotion, and industrial chain driving effects to the country where it is located.

Product Description

In China, water-soluble fertilizer actually refers to water-soluble compound fertilizer, including solid and liquid forms. Generally speaking, the formula of water-soluble compound fertilizer is more reasonable, the nutrients are more diversified, and it is more targeted for crops. A small amount of multiple application is the most important fertilization principle of water-soluble fertilizer, which is consistent with the characteristics of continuous absorption of nutrients by plant roots and reduces the leaching loss caused by a large amount of one-time fertilization. Pay attention to the balance of nutrients. Water soluble fertilizer is usually applied by pouring, sprinkling or irrigation equipment. Especially under the condition of drip irrigation and fertilization, the root system grows intensively and has a large amount. At this time, the dependence on the soil nutrient supply is reduced, and more depends on the nutrients provided by drip irrigation, especially in sandy soil, which has higher requirements on the reasonable proportion and concentration of water-soluble nutrients.

Soluble fertilizer Features:

1. Fully water soluble.

2. Comprised of 100% plant macro-nutrients.

3. Virtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plat.

4. Efficiently absorbed by plants.

High Water Solibility NPK Fertilizer













Product Details

Inorganic water-soluble fertilizer and organic water-soluble fertilizer are used together. The commonly used organic water-soluble fertilizers are amino acid, yellow humic acid, seaweed polysaccharide, etc.

Generally, water-soluble fertilizer is only used as top dressing when combined with other fertilizers. In the recommended fertilization, the basic fertilizer should be combined with top dressing, organic fertilizer with inorganic fertilizer, and water-soluble fertilizer with conventional fertilizer.

Packing and Delivery

OEM彩色袋:5公斤10公斤塑料ic bag

20kg PP Woven bag

There are three kinds of packages of water-soluble fertilizer, including color bags, woven bags and plastic bags. The product specifications are various, which meet the market's personalized choice. The storage and transportation meet the market standard.


Water soluble fertilizer will be tested by a special technology team before being put into the market to check the product ingredients and ensure product safety.

Our Company

Qingdao Greenery Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly produce Agrochemical and Food Additive Products.

Our supplied chemicals get the support from ISO, HACCP, SGS, Halal, etc international office and Chinese government.

The fertilizer are exported to Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, Sudan, Lebanon, Dubai, Tanzania...

The food ingredients are exported to Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Germany, Denmark, Croatia...

This is water soluble fertilizer production plant and workshop. All production processes are professional and standardized, with large and timely shipments.


Q1.: What is the minimum order?

A: 1 container

Q2: Is there a discount?

A: Different quantity has different discount.

Q3: Could you provide sample before ordering?

A: Yes. Sample is for free. but you need to pay the courier cost or offer your courier collect account.

Q4: What about your quality guarantee?

A: For first order, our company can offer the third international inspection test such as SGS, BV

Q5: How to contact us?

A: You can chat with us by Trade Manager, Skype Online.

Our organization successfully attained IS9001 Certification and European CE Certification of Soluble Fertilizer. We operate steadily and seek sustainable development, and people-oriented, inspiring self-worth are the most important. We regard after-sales service as a career and provide all-round guarantee in four aspects of integrity, quality, focus and safety.
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