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Water Soluble Fertilizer
Water Soluble Fertilizer EDTA

Water Soluble Fertilizer EDTA

1,The difference from other compound fertilizers is that trace elements use chelation technology, such as EDTA -Zn, EDTA-Fe, EDTA-B, etc.
2,High stability constant, not easy to be fixed, nutrients are absorbed simultaneously and balanced
3, Chinese prices supported by the factory

Product Details

Water Soluble Fertilizer EDTA-NPK 20 20 20

Product Details

水溶性肥料的区别TA-NPK 20 20 20 and other compound fertilizers is that trace elements use chelation technology, such as chelated zinc, chelated iron, chelated manganese, chelated copper, etc.


Low-temperature fertilizer: solve the problem of low ground temperature in winter and spring and slow fertilizer absorption

NPK 20-20-20 with chelated trace elements can ensure simultaneous absorption, balanced nutrition, so as to avoid the inhibition phenomenon caused by excessive absorption of nitrogen fertilizer

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According to feedback from our customers, the stalks of wheat irrigated by EDTA water-soluble fertilizer are obviously thicker than other fertilizers, and the root system is also larger.


After using EDTA water-soluble fertilizer, it can be clearly seen that the cucumber has a plump shape and no voids in the inner grain.

Excellent performance and Factory price


20kg/25kg Kraft bag or PP bag lined with PE film,Easy to transport and waterproof


With pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sale service system

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